About our company


Who we are

Dopparoz is a premiere Afro-Urban lifestyle venue. Situated in the heart of KwaZakhele, Port Elizabeth. Join the celebration of all things local! Immerse yourself in the lively tourist vibe of the Bay.

Dopparoz is owned by Improvate, a company who specialise in “creating wealth and providing employment opportunities, whilst contributing towards the sustainable development of the communities. They have an active interest in heritage and remembrance, making the partnership with Dopparoz ever the sweeter. Both teams are united in keeping South African culture alive and vibrant.

What we do

Explore our traditional clothing Boutique and African arts display for an experience of true heritage. For that extra something special, pamper yourself at our Beauty bar.
We serve authentic African braai cuisine, which boasts the proud flavours of the Eastern Cape. Our meat is enhanced with rich, fragrant herbs and spices – inspired by our diverse African history.
Relax and have a drink at one of our bars or classy VIP lounge. Our modern, luxurious ambiance will captivate your senses and indulge you in glamour.
Our restaurant and butchery offers hearty meals. We serve the food cherished by our society – traditional meals prepared in the best fashion.

What makes us different

At Dopparoz we are committed to facilitating the best service. Our staff understand the customers and value our relationship with the community. We honour every service, by raising the bar on quality. To make you even more welcome, our excellent car wash facility is available near the site. Your experience counts, because when our customers are satisfied; we are satisfied.


loyal people

Dopparoz is a proud member of the Improvate Group

Improvate is 100% black-owned group of companies.

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