What is Dopparoz

13 May 2016

What is Dopparoz

A Lifestyle venue

Dopparoz is a premier Lifestyle venue that features an Afro-urban vibe. We are located in the heritage filled township of KwaZakhele and serve authentic African cuisine. This include the ultimate African braai experience, a full menu restaurant, bars, live entertainment, heritage stalls and more …  After months of anticipation, the Dopparoz opening launch is finally happening! Join us on the 16th of June 2016 as we officially open the doors at Dopparoz.

Dopparoz values both heritage and high class style. We believe, by providing a space for both elements, we are proudly representing Port Elizabeth. This experience includes world class events and conference solutions. We cater for both the party and business lifestyle, because of our quality entertainment and professional service. We aim to be the trend setter in heritage tourism in the Eastern Cape. By representing the Bay, we pride ourselves in our brand.

Dopparoz Lifestyle promotes fresh, diverse entertainment styles as a lifestyle hub. We will host monthly and weekly events based on themed nights. Currently, we celebrate distinct music styles that will be complimented by live music artist performers. One such night is called “The Urban Connection” and is a laid-back, but vibrant evening. The style we describe as: Afro-soul, meets Poetry, meets Hip Hop. That is not all, as our other styles include “Deepest Night” and “Sunday Blues” for a different experience. The talented guest artists will be announced before events, but we also include the element of surprise that will keep our audience enthralled – so don’t miss out on exciting, up and coming events.

Venue layout

Dopparoz hosts different areas and venues for different tastes and experiences. An exciting experience is happening around every corner, so explore and discover where you feel at home.


We serve authentic African braai cuisine, which boasts the proud flavours of the Eastern Cape. Our meat is enhanced with rich, fragrant herbs and spices – inspired by our diverse African history. For a relaxed braai and ice-cold dop, chill and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of the Shisa-nyama.


We offer two bars, for a lively party experience. Enjoy a refreshing beer, cocktail or anything you fancy. Our classy VIP lounge will be perfect for socializing and sipping on something refreshing. The modern, luxurious ambiance will captivate your senses and indulge you in glamour. Meanwhile, enjoy an array of music from our different themed nights.


The restaurant and butchery offers hearty meals for families, friends and business teams alike to enjoy. Our exiting menus cater for everyone who enjoys great South African food. We serve the food cherished by our society – traditional meals prepared in the best fashion.

Heritage tourism site

As we value our heritage, we offer a space for tourists and locals to immerse themselves in our culture. In the future, we will be hosting a traditional clothing Boutique, with beautiful styles and vibrant designs. An African arts display is also on its way, to satisfy your artist needs. The pieces are wonderful for decorating your home, as a gift or for your own viewing pleasure. Also, you’ll be able to pamper yourself at our Beauty bar.

Additional services

To make you even more welcome, our excellent car wash facility is available near the site. Keep up to date with our new and improved services, by subscribing to our newsletter. You can also suggest a service by leaving a comment on our page.

Entertainment areas

An array of entertainment areas is located within the venue, that offer different seating, entertainments and vibes. For a diverse experience and stunning visuals, feast our eyes on our beautiful décor.


An assortment of seating areas is located within the 900m2 venue. “The golden circle” is illuminated with lavish, warm hues, for a comfortable dining experience. The four lounges in the center island are ideal for your midweek gathering with old friends or the Saturday night turn-up with new friends. The open plan space allows you to roam free between the volumes bar, the cocktail bar, and the meat (Inyama) bar.

The best is yet to come though, the VIP/cigar lounge offers luxurious privacy, with soft neon lighting and a spacious floor. While the beer garden offers an inviting environment to throw a few back and enjoy a hooker pipe with close mates. The opening dates these for these spaces will announced soon.


Excellent service


At Dopparoz we are committed to facilitating the best service. Our staff are committed to understanding the customers. We value our relationship with the community, as we do with every service, by raising the bar on quality. Your experience counts, because when our customers are satisfied; we are satisfied.

Port Elizabeth entertainment

People from the Bay always hear: “Entertainment is dead in PE.” We are known as the friendly, but sleepy city. Most of the time, this is because of a lack of innovation. Every time we go out we see the same thing and hear the same music played by DJ’s – we have been craving a change in scenery. While easily underestimated, our city’s nightlife and tourism market has provided us with the perfect opportunity.

We aim to elevate the quality of entertainment in PE. We no longer want to be seen as the city that sleeps – Dopparoz is an exciting new chance to ignite the entertainment industry. Come by and experience this for yourself. We welcome your feedback and suggestions, so that we can offer the best entertainment possible – by knowing what our customers enjoy.